Kristina Block
Global Planning Editor

Kristina Block is the BBC’s Global Planning Editor, responsible for planning news coverage and deployments for the BBC’s international output in English. This includes commissioning high impact, original content and live coverage of planned and breaking stories for leading international TV news channel BBC World News, BBC World Service Radio and digital platforms.

She started her BBC career in global business programmes, including spells as editor of World Business Report on World Service Radio and World News TV and editor of Russia Business Report. She was also editor of international special events coverage for BBC News, leading the planning for the Rio Olympics as well as major international summits and elections.

Prior to joining the BBC Kristina was a business correspondent and editor for international news channel DW-TV in Berlin. Originally from Germany, she’s also worked in Russia, Israel and France and on various news stories around the world.

Kristina is an alumna of the Deutsche Journalistenschule (German School of Journalism) in Munich and the UK Foreign Office’s Chevening Scholarship scheme. She holds master’s degrees in Journalism and International Relations from the University of Munich and University of Kent respectively.