What are the benefits of buying a Business Ticket?

Access to the Business and Speaker’s Lounge 
Gain access to the centrally located Business, Speaker’s and VIP, lounge and use its calm atmosphere to conduct business or just hang out with old friends and new acquaintances.

Continuous catering during all three days 
Four meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon cakes, snack in the evening) as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea are included in the Business Ticket and are available throughout the day in the lounge. All warm meals are freshly prepared at the STATION Berlin kitchens and, of course, vegetarian options are also available.

Please note: In contrast to re:publica 2018, Business Tickets will no longer be transferable while the event takes place in 2019!

Will there be a discount for groups of students?

Yes! For groups of 10 to 19 students please request instructions via ticket at Larger groups, please contact us via ticket at

Will day passes be available for 2020?

Sadly, no: We won’t be offering day passes to visit re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin for whole days.

As a person with a disability, may I bring an accompanying person to the event?

Please contact the re-publica team in advance via ticket at, stating your ticket number and a brief explanation or evidence of your accompanying person in your ID. Admittance for accompanying persons can only be granted through written confirmation from our side.

Can I share or transfer a ticket?

Share a ticket: Tickets are personalized and cannot be shared by several people.

Transfer a ticket: You may transfer your ticket once to another person using the link in your ticket email. The deadline for this  is May 4th, 2020.

Will I be able to get into the courtyard at re:publica without a ticket?

In 2020, the yard will not be accessible on the days of the event without a ticket.

How can I cancel my ticket and what are the cancellation costs?

Ticket cancellation is only possible for privately held tickets and must be done until May 4th, 2020. Cancellation fees are € 5,95 plus handling fees. As an example, the overall cancellation fees for a Standard Ticket (€ 225,-) are a total of about €13,31. The amount for other tickets may differ. The remaining amount is then automatically returned to the original payment method.

You will find a link to cancel your ticket in your order confirmation that you received after your order. If you can not find that email, please contact the Xing-Events-Team via support at

To save cancellation fees, it is also possible to sell a ticket you already purchased and have the name on the ticket changed accordingly. In that case, check the FAQ “How do I transfer my ticket to another person”?

What are evening tickets?

Evening tickets are great to get a taste of re:publica 2020 and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin! Experience the evening and party programme with concerts, events and keynotes! Admission for evening tickets is at 6pm.

Evening tickets are available during presale as well as at the box office on site.

Please note: The evening and party programme is fully included in regular tickets, of course.

I’ll be needing a receipt of my ticket purchase.

Xing-Events, will automatically issue an invoice upon purchase. Required data will be requested during the ordering process in the step “order data”. If you have any further questions or if you encounter an spelling error, please get in touch via ticket at

What do I need to prove eligibility for discounted/reduced tickets?

You will be asked to show your student ID resp. other form of documentation at our accreditation desks. Please have it ready.

I purchased a reduced ticket but will be finishing my studies in March 2020. Can I still use the ticket?

Yes. Your student ID must have been valid between November 2019 and May 2020. For example, a student ID from winter semester 2019/20 is all right, but one from summer 2019 cannot be accepted.

Will there be a discount for school groups?

Yes! For groups from 10 school children please contact the re:publica via ticket(at) If a group is larger and/or consists of pupils both over and under the age of 16, please contact the re:publica via ticket(at) as well.

Participate in the Call for Participation

Are submissions accepted after the deadline?

No. The programme team may take the liberty to curate content in particular in the occurence of important current events, but no submissions inputted to the system after February 2st, 2020 will be accepted.